Emerald Bay’s investment process results in highly personalized solutions that translate family members’ needs into investment and governance strategies.

Our process follows these steps:

Determine the Optimal Asset Allocation

How a family invests is as important as what it invests in. In helping a family to manage risk and take advantage of appropriate legal structures and tax strategies, we identify the appropriate range of weightings for investments in each asset class, initial target allocations, investment restrictions, and any special needs, tax implications, or constraints placed on each account.

Select Managers from Our Unique Manager Universe

We offer an extensive range of investment strategies from a broad set of equity, fixed income, and alternative investment managers that we have vetted thoroughly based on their ability to consistently deliver results.

Build a Diversified Portfolio

We help families create truly customized portfolios that are based on their specific goals. We guide families to invest and diversify their portfolios in ways that address their investment goals and concerns, their lifestyle needs, and their generational planning.

Evaluate and Refine the Plan

Because families are always evolving and changing, we continually evaluate and refine each investment plan to make sure it meets the objectives of a family today, and takes into account the needs that will emerge in the future.