Our years of experience in the investment and fiduciary industries make it hard to ignore how current wealth management practices fall short.

Unlike many wealth managers, we believe that the wealth management process should:

  • Include all family members, in particular women who are playing a larger and more important role in making financial decisions than ever before
  • Strive for clarity over complexity
  • Result in flexible solutions that consider the unique needs of different family members and generations

We were inspired to form Emerald Bay Wealth Management by our fundamental belief that understanding the needs of every family member is vital to successful wealth management.

We put our extensive experience and expertise in planning, investment management, fiduciary structure, charitable giving, and tax strategies (to name a few) to use in ways that make sense for the way people live today. We see our job as wisely guiding families through the transitions that they will inevitably experience and helping them thrive along the way. Most important, we endeavor to create a partnership that allows families to stay focused on enjoying their lives.

Our team