Underlying the client experience at Emerald Bay Wealth Management are several key qualities that define our offering:

Rigorous Thinking

A focused, analytical approach to developing solutions that meets three criteria: meeting each client’s needs today, being flexible enough to meet the needs of all family members, and being effective as the family’s needs and membership evolve

Unbiased Advice

We have no financial motivation to recommend particular products or services — every recommendation we make serves our clients’ best interests

Exceptional Service

A culture of service informs, empowers, and engages our clients and their family members with the goal that each one feels supported and secure

Seamless Coordination

We work closely with our clients’ other advisors toward a harmonious, well-coordinated experience and the development of solutions that best fit their needs

Access to a Premium Network

We give our clients access to a vast professional network that includes a broad network of managers, attorneys, tax strategists, accounting experts, insurance and benefits specialists, bankers, institutional investors, service vendors, and philanthropic advisors